Sacred Vigil

Sacred Vigil


” I Am The Resurrection And The Life.

He That Exercises Faith In Me Even Though He Dies Will Come To Life,

And Everyone That Is Living And Exercises Faith In Me Will Never Die At All.”  

John 11:25


The Sacred Vigil

Many religions as well as cultures refer to the three day period of honor in our Loved One’s time of Passing.  By sitting vigil with the body in a peaceful, loving, familiar space, family and friends can assist in this transition as well as grieve and say good bye in their own way, in their own time, and on their own terms.

Some may call it a “wake”. Our ancestors used the parlor for “laying out the body”; varying cultures and traditions utilize this sacred time for family and friends to honor and be with the loved one’s body as it releases the spirit and moves on.

Through the creation of a sacred space and peaceful environment with music, prayer, the Psalms and other Sacred Scriptures or poetry being read, coupled with loving practical acts, personalized and meaningful rituals we can not only assist those in their “sacred crossing”, we allow ourselves as loving participants to take the time to come to terms with our loved one’s departure. It is a tremendous blessing and honor to be able to witness the changes in the physical body as the spirit leaves – imprinting upon us in a “sacred moment” the fullness and significance of our relationship with this precious one and the beginnings of the healing process in our release of their physical presence from our lives.

“Whither Shall I Go From Thy Spirit?

Or Whither Shall I Flee From Thy Presence?

If I Ascend Up Into Heaven, Thou Art There.

If I Take The Wings Of The Morning,

And Dwell In The Uttermost Parts Of The Sea,

Even There Shall Thy Hand Lead Me,

And Thy Right Hand Shall Hold Me.”  Psalm 139: 7-10