About Us

About Us

Servants in the Vineyard of The Lord

Kenneth and Kim Farmer are Christian Ministers who have dedicated their lives together these last 28 years in service to the Divine Father, being emissaries of His Holy Son, and teachers of His Holy Word.

Kenneth is an ordained Non Denominational Christian Minister.  He is also a musician, composer, singer and sound engineer who has worked in the field of music for over 30 years. Kenneth has returned to his first love in music, the steel guitar.  He is now focusing on offering up his gifts through his steel guitar in Gospel and Praise music.

Kim is an ordained Non Denominational Christian Minister who began her service to the Lord while serving as a Chaplain’s Assistant in the Army.  She later completed her credentials and education to become a Christian Minister.  Her focus and calling has been as a Teaching Minister of the Word of God.

Several years ago while living on their homestead in Oklahoma, Kenneth was working in his music studio.  The Divine Father gave him an inspiration, a word, a seeding… The word was Neshamah.  Neither Kenneth or Kim new much Hebrew.  Upon research and exploring they discovered the first giving of that expression in the Holy Bible, Genesis 2:7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (Neshamah); and man became a living being.

From that seeding, that gift of inspiration, Neshamah (the breath of God), became the calling to offer back that Holy breath to HIM in all Glory, Honor, Praise and Worship.  It became the foundation and touch stone of their work.

Some years later they formed the non profit organization,  Neshamah  as the vehicle and instrument of ministering, praise, service and education to fulfill that calling.

In their earlier ministry they collaborated and created the sacred instrumental music CD, Shillush – The Divine Trinity.  Kenneth composed the music and on the 2nd CD Kim presented a teaching meditation with the music.

Kenneth & Kim also had a calling in their service to the Divine Father to educate families in how to care for their loved ones after death, through Home Funerals.  This almost lost art was a sacred part of lives of our not so distant ancestors.  Many were wanting to know more and be educated how to carry out  Home Funerals and perform what was know as “The Last Loving Act We Can Do for Our Loved Ones”.  Through their hands on workshops and seminars families, churches, and organizations obtained the information of how to care for their loved ones after death.  This information has been distilled and is available on the Home Funeral References Resources menu pull down own this web site goodhopeministriesusa.org.

The Calling  Remains the Same –  The Focus & Priority Changes 

Just as Neshamah had been given as a seeding and a foundation in the beginning of their ministry – the focus now is upon 2 Thess 2: 16-17  Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and our God and Father, who has loved us and given us everlasting consolation and Good Hope by grace, comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word and work.

Jesus Christ, Our Good Hope – THE Hope of Salvation & Eternal Life

Good Hope Ministries is an outreach ministry focused in Ava, Missouri, bringing that Good Hope to a lost and dying world.  Through Praise & Prayer Events for the needs of the Community & Nation, Bible Studies, and a Teaching Ministry on the Biblical Prophecies through the Word of God.  That Holy Word of God is the only accurate and unshakable gauge, direction, perspective and interpretation of these current days we are experiencing which Christ called the Birth Pains or Jacob’s Troubles, the coming Dark days of Satan’s Tribulation through his Anti Christ, The Absolute Total Victory over the fallen one and his agenda by God’s great Hand, and the Eternal Reign of our Lord, King & Redeemer Jesus Christ – and our Eternal Uncompromised life & reign with Him.  

Luke 1:17   To Make Ready for the Lord, A People Prepared

We as many believe that we truly are in the last days of the Last Days of this Fallen Humanity.  Our work is great, the calling tremendous and the rewards eternal.  The Harvest is Great and the Workers are Few.  We Pray the Divine Father will send more workers, more servants more believers, More Prayer Warriors, and Stretch Out His Mighty Hand to Save, Redeem, and Deliver all lost souls.

We Give Thanks to God for His Holy Restrainer Holding Back the Anti Christ and Giving Us One More Day, One More Hour, One More Breath to Work in the Light as We Prepare to Work in the Darkness.

Come Praise with Us  –  Come Pray with Us

Come Study and Grow with Us as a Family of God

& as His Mighty Prayer Warriors.

God Bless You and May His Kingdom Come Quickly, Amen