Month: January 2018

Weekly Gathering Post January 28th

Weekly Gathering Post January 28th

Greetings and Blessings to all.  What a glorious week.  It has been so nice to be able to reconnect with those who had been unable to get out because of the weather.  It has also been wonderful to see prayers answered in the healings of those who have been so ill.  I can’t remember a year that the flu was in so many forms, it went on for so long, was so virulent, and the fevers were so high.  We are all continuing to hold those still under its influence in our prayers.

The message this week was from Psalm 19:1-4:  “The Heavens are Declaring the Glory of GOD.  And the firmament shows His handiwork.”  The measuring line in the Heaven is Praise and it is being sent forth into all of the earth.  It is seeking the individuals, the places, the gatherings of the hearts of those in praise offering up glory to GOD and calling down HIS GLORY into their presence – His Holy Spirit into that place of the one, the two or more gathered, the praiseful.  We praise to give thanksgiving.  We praise to honor GOD. We praise to testify and witness to our faith of God’s mercy, forgiveness, strength, love and presence with us in all situations. And we praise to pierce the darkness with HIS Eternal GLORY upon us and before us.  Praise is a natural state of union with the Holy Spirit, a natural desire of the heart atune to God & love for Jesus.  It is an act of obeisance.  Praise is power & a weapon in spiritual warfare against the darkness – declaring our intent, our identity, our higher heritage and who we serve and belong to.  Praise declares the place which we stand and breath upon as Sacred Holy Ground belonging to GOD.   There are numerous accountings in the Bible of those under persecution and tremendous burden utilizing Praise in their hour of need and it’s glorious results: Daniel in the lions den, the 3 brothers in the firey furnace, Stephen while being stoned, Jesus being tempted by Satan & the one leper of the ten when healed returned to Jesus, falling at His feet and Praising God…

   We were reminded of the line from the old Gospel song O Happy Day “He taught me how to watch, fight & pray”.  Praising is a part of that glorious power to fight the arrows of Satan.  Praising strengthings us in our fight.  And coupled with the Word of God we are taught how to watch and know what we are to fight and pray for and against, as well as how to do so.  God never wants His children to be ignorant or unprepared. 

Everyone is so excited and preparing for the Old Time Southern Gospel Praise & Prayer Gathering, Sat. Feb 3rd at the Douglas County Vet Memorial Bldg, across from the Ava Post Office. We’ll begin at 2:00pm and go till 5:00pm. We hope everyone will stay for the finger food fellowship to follow.     

For more information contact us at (417) 351-2570 or email us at   Until next time, God Bless and Keep you and Shine His face upon you.

January 26th Overview – Revelation Bible Study Post

January 26th Overview – Revelation Bible Study Post

Blessings to everyone this much sunnier and warmer week.  What a delight to have all the snow and bitter cold go away.  It is amazing the little things we can take for granted.  One of them being the moderately temperate winters we normally have.  Most all of our folks are healthy now and over all the illnesses of the holidays. God is good.

We had a wonderful Bible Study yesterday.  The study began in Chapter 6 of Revelation with an overview of last month’s study verses 1-2 and the counterfeit white horse (Antichrist) not to be confused with the true White horse of the returning King, Jesus Christ in Chapter 19.  Satan will seek to counterfeit everything of God to lead the world astray.  We saw how important it was to understand the role that II Thess 2 & the Hand of God’s Holy Restrainer holding back the Antichrist (The man of lawlessness-iniquity) is and the mystery of iniquity in Ezekiel 8.

Yesterday we stepped back and looked at the overview of the 7 Seals with chapter 6 containing the first 6 seals. We saw how it is the Holy Lamb of God, Jesus Christ opening the Seals and they are announced by God’s angels.  Nothing is hidden from God.  He wants His children to know so we can prepare. Unlike Satan who will never reveal his plan. He wants his workings hidden. The first 4 Seals contain information on the 4 horses of Antichrist and his deluge and wrath against God’s creation, His people, those problematic (non-conformers) to Satan’s plan. The 5th Seal reveals the cries of those who were slain for their love of God.  And how God comforts & draws them into His Rest. The 6th Seal reveals God’s response and wrath upon the Antichrist & his followers.  And in that 6th seal, Isaiah 2:20-22 is fulfilled “Who can withstand the Great Day of God Almighty on the Throne & the Lamb?” with those followers of the Antichrist crying out for the rocks and mountains to protect them. As unimaginably horrendous as the wrath of Satan’s Antichrist is, it is nothing compared to the omnificent Power and Wrath of God Almighty.  And this time when the Son of God returns He is not coming as a Lamb but as a Lion!  We were reminded of the words of Luke 12:4-5 “Don’t fear he who can kill the body & do no more but fear HE who can kill the body and cast you into Hell”, And how Psalm 91: Gives us Our promise of protection, “Anyone dwelling in the secret place of the Most High God…”.     Those who follow Him, accept His Son as the Savior of Humanity and renounce their sin and follow Him will be sealed by His Name and untouched when His wrath against the unholy occurs.

There is a break in the seals with Chapter 7 as God Seals      His Super Remnant (the first fruits) and the Myriads in His Name (the second fruits).  Then the 7th Seal – Silence in Heaven before God unleashes His full wrath against Satan’s workings is in Chapter 8.


Next class we will explore Chapter 7 the Glorious Sealing of God’s Remnant!

With every passing day and all that is unfolding in the world, we realize what an anchor and lifeline the book of Revelation is.  God’s guidepost directive through Jesus Christ’s Prophecy and how we are witnessing it’s fulfilling in our day. We have been born for such a time as this and we are privileged to serve in it.

Note:  The Class Outline for this Class is available for download in the Book of Revelation Study Guide Post as well as all of the other outlines to date.

For more information contact us at (417) 351-2570 or email us at  You can find more information on the study & ministry at our web site  Until next time, God Bless and Keep you and Shine His face upon you.

January’s Gospel Praise & Prayer Gathering Summary

January’s Gospel Praise & Prayer Gathering Summary

Blessings to everyone as we enter into a very cold January.  We are so blessed to have these short snaps of frigid weather rather than that which is occurring on the East Coast. We hold them in our prayers as there are still many without power, and so many on the streets in need of shelter.    We also hold those on the West Coast in prayer as they are experiencing such horrific fires. We know that the Lord will hold them all in His divine grace and mercy.

With the frigid temperatures, this month’s Gospel Praise & Prayer gathering had a small turn out.  However, it was such an amazing blessing for those who were there.   It was clear that His presence and power isn’t dependent upon numbers.  We absolutely knew we were being anointed by His Holy Spirit and our Praises and Prayers were an anointing upon the community. 

The Gospel Praise segment was tremendous.  It is really turning into a very special Old Time Gospel experience.  Bro. Kinnie and Sister Shelly Caughman have been finding amazing older gospel songs; working them up, performing them along with leading us in those we all know and love.  Treasures, such as There’s Dust on the Alter, Visions of Heaven, I Know How I Made It… along with Bro Kenneth Farmer’s steel guitar adding such a sweet taste of heaven to them.

Rev. Kim brought God’s message from the Word: Don’t be Tempted Away from the Simplicity that is in Christ.  The Scripture focus began in Mark 14:38, The Gethsemane directive given by Jesus “Watch & Pray lest you enter into temptation.”  The directive also being given most profoundly in the last 2 partitions and doxology of the Lord’s Prayer; Matt: 6:13 “Let us not be led into temptation but Deliver us from the evil one. For Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen”.  Noting that there is a continuous battle by Satan against God’s children to be tempted away from His infinite kingdom and into a finite rule of Satan.  The Apostle Paul furthered this concern in II Cor 11:3-4 “But I am afraid, lest, as the serpent deceived Eve by his trickery, so your minds should be corrupted (tempted) from the simplicity that is in Christ”.

Simplicity does not mean weak or powerless.  Simplicity in Christ Jesus means clear truth & absoluteness that everyone can embrace and understand: salvation, life eternal, forgiveness of sin and God’s unending Love. The most profound example of this Simplicity in Jesus Christ occurred on the Cross in Luke 23:43. When the repentant thief asks Jesus for nothing more than to be remembered.  In the midst of the Greatest Act of Love in Human History, wracked in unimaginable pain, suffocating and unable to breath let alone speak because of the position of his arms and the weight of His body, with every ounce of strength through tremendous agony, Jesus pushed himself up to gather the breath to speak the words. “Truly I say to you, Today you will be with me in paradise.” He took the time for one more individual in the midst of His saving the entire world. That is the Simplicity that is in Christ – God’s omnirelationalship attention to each one of His creations all the while His omnificent omnipresence for the All. This Simplicity in Christ is what the arrows of Satan’s temptation upon the mind seeks to cast doubt upon.  To make the lost, the seeking individual and even the believer think that one individual does not matter to God in the greater scheme of things.  That the grace Christ bestowed upon the thief is not for them.  The truth and simplicity is salvation is personal, it’s relationship, and it’s about the one, and it is for every one!  Jesus is never too busy and is always available for the one, every one.  If we’d only ask.

The Message was followed by the Prayer segment. God loves this community.  We love this community. We are humbled and honored to answer the call of God in Ez. 22:30 and stand before Him in the gap praying for it and this nation. We invite everyone to.  This is our community and nation.  We are to be their prayerful stewards. 

Next week is Bible Study.  We are continuing our work in the book of Revelation; God’s – Jesus’ love letter and directive to His people in these troubling days and preparation for the darker days that are quickly upon us.  His Word is Living and Eternal.  Don’t let a day go by that you aren’t communing with it, communing with HIM.

For more information contact us at (417) 351-2570 or email us at  Until next time, God Bless and Keep you and Shine His face upon you.

December’s Praise & Prayer Gathering Summary

December’s Praise & Prayer Gathering Summary

Happy Chilly New Year. 

I hope everyone had a very Blessed Christmas. It was  wonderful to see so many acknowledge the real meaning of Christmas this year, our Lord’s incarnation – Immanuel, God with us. 

We have had many blessings for the ministry this last year. One being, our new gathering location at the Veteran’s Memorial Assoc. across from the Ava Post Office.   With the stage and large space, the gospel band has plenty of room to set up and everyone has room for their coffee and bibles with the tables and chairs.  Hopefully as things grow, we’ll have all of our activities there.

Our December Praise & Prayer gathering was so wonderful.  Bro. Kinnie and Sister Shelly Caughman sang and led us in the Praise portion with many great gospel songs that we all know and love, as well as introducing us to older treasures that many may have forgotten. The presence of the Lord was clearly manifest in our praises and unmistakable when they sang “Ain’t No Grave”.  Bro. Kenneth Farmer’s steel guitar added to the heavenly joyous offerings.

Rev. Kim brought God’s message from the Word.  “Do we believe the Word of God?”  The scripture focus was Isaiah 61:1-3 where the pre-incarnate Christ speaks of Himself in the first person.   “The Spirit of the Lord God is Upon Me (Christ).  Because the Lord has anointed Me to preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound; to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, …  ”.  Then over 700 years later in Luke 4:18-22 Jesus stood in the temple in Nazareth reading and fulfilling His own prophecy about Himself.  “Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”  What a glorious testament to the truth of the Word and He who spoke it.    Additionally we are given within the Word how it is to be guarded and utilized.  Within Rev. 1:3 and Rev. 22: 18-19 we are instructed, “Blessed are those who read, hear, guard it” and “not one word to be removed… and not one word added to…”  If we acknowledge the Word of God as Truth we must also perceive that our times are a fulfillment of prophecy. We only have to look at Matt. 24 to verify it.  All the while acknowledging how privileged we are to serve in such a time as this.

The Message was followed by the Prayer segment. We have been honored to have those from other church and ministry families come and join with us answering the Call of God as given in Ez 22:30 “So I (God) sought for a man among them who would make a wall and stand in the breach/gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found no one.”    How glorious to have those come and stand in the breach before God with us and pray for this community and nation.  We invite everyone to.  This is our community/nation.  We are its prayerful stewards.

We look forward to this coming Saturday, Jan 6th’s gathering at the Veteran’s Memorial Building across from the Ava Post Office.  We’ll start at 2:00pm.  We hope you will come and Praise and Pray with us.  For more information contact us at (417) 351-2570 or email us at  Until next time, God Bless and Keep you and Shine His face upon you.